Charles White, Founder of AVTMC, leads the staff of audiovisual, sound, video, and information technology consultants. He has over 35 years of industry experience specializing in systems design, project management and systems installation. He has worn many hats in his career as an Audio Installation Technician, Audio Engineer, Audiovisual Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Design Engineer, Senior Project Manager, General Manager, Consulting Design Engineer, and Director of Project Management and Engineering.

His career began at the early age of seventeen having a fascination with wires and dismantling and reassembling electronic components around his parents’ home. After escorting his sister and her best friend to a college party, he was mesmerized and dumbfounded with the loudness and clarity of the music and the size of the speakers and equipment that the dj was using. When he returned home, he purchased a record that was played by the dj at that party and was very disappointed at how it sounded on his parents’ stereo system. From that point on, his interest was peaked and so began his career.

Having worked for several prestigious design/build firms in the United States, he has organized and managed the integration of video, sound, audiovisual, and residential systems from conception to completion for hundreds of global companies, including Fortune 100 and 500 firms. His clients have included some of the most famous celebrities and politicians in the world.

Charles has earned a list of industry credentials:

Shure Electronics Corp.
Certification: Certified Products Specialist

Crestron Technical Institute
Certification: Basic Essentials of Crestron Programming

Crestron Technical Institute
Certification: Crestron Commercial System Design

Clearone (Gentner) Communications Training Institute
Certification: Certified Product Specialist

Clearone (Gentner) Communications Training Institute
Certification: Certified Technical Specialist

International Information Communication Association, (InfoComm)
Certification: Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)

AutoDesk CFA/CADD Training Center for Architects & Engineers
Certification: AutoCAD Software

Extron Institute, School of A/V Technologies
Certification: Computer Interfacing, Matrix Switching and Distribution, A/V System Design

RCA Institute
Certification: Electronic Circuits Design and Computer Technology
Certification: FCC License

Institute of High Fidelity
Certification: Advanced Digital Audio Technology and Audio Applications

Polytechnic University
Electronics Engineering

Charles is also a member of the following industry organizations:

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

AES (Audio Engineering Society)

InfoComm (International Communications Information Association


Debra is the Executive Vice President for AVTMC. Debra’s broad base of industry experience allows her to readily connect and understand clients’ environments and cultures. She develops rapport easily with staff at all levels of an organization and creates an environment conducive for learning and change.
Debra holds a Bachelor of Science from Rider University. In addition, she has earned a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management and a Master of Human Resource Management.


Fred Atkinson has more than 20 years experience as a Sr. Network Engineer/Architect and 10 years as a Project Manager.

In carefully crafting his career, he’s amassed an extensive Engineering, Design and Operations background in the fields of routing, switching, security and project management. Fred successfully managed many high-visibility networks and projects from inception to completion for several of the top financial institutions, as well as companies in other industries. He continues to utilize not only his technical knowledge, but also his exceptional interpersonal skills, to provide the highest level of satisfaction and efficiency to complete every project or task.

Mr. Atkinson has earned the following Cisco and Juniper Certifications: CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP, CCIE, JNCIS-FWV, and JNCIS-ER.