AVTMC, LLC is an independent technology consulting and design firm providing expert solutions in sound systems, audio/video presentation, information technology, residential automation, and video walls. We are focused on designing the most effective solution for the users’ needs and then successfully integrating that solution into the architectural environment.  Our services are geared towards architects, interior designers, and the small to medium-sized start-up companies that cannot afford the large ticket-priced firms.

Sound, video and information technology systems are used in lecture theaters, videoconference suites, corporate and government training facilities, as well as retail or museum multimedia displays…any place where people need to be entertained, educated, or must communicate more effectively. All of this technology must be integrated into the architectural and acoustical environment to work effectively. This is our role, to assist the design team in bringing the technology and the environment together into a functional whole, while maintaining the architectural vision of the designer.

An independent consultant represents good value when a significant capital investment is required in technology. Because we have no vested interest in particular brands of equipment or systems, we are able to recommend and specify the products that offer the best performance for the cost. We also provide objective sign-off criteria for system performance and installation so that the client can be satisfied that the equipment performs as required.

Let AVTMC help you design and implement a system for your business that will give you a competitive advantage.